9:24 PM

Saturdays and Sundays are my current favorite days. Those days when I can actually be who I am. Dress whatever I want. Put on heavy makeup and smokey eyes. Wear my favorite platforms. Accesorize my outfit the hell I want to be. Just. Be. Me.

Do you know what I longed for beside that? Freedom. Is that so much to ask? I mean, if something can't give me freedom, why should I stay? Some people don't understand I have so much life outside work. My primary job is just the way to keep my bank account balanced. Not my wants and needs. Not my dreams. Not my hobbies. I gain some, I lose some. That's just how fucked up life can be.

FOREVER 21 Top // NEW LOOK Cullotes // UNBRANDED Blazer and Sling Bag // PULL&BEAR Platform

So, again, I was inspired by powerful women around the world and decided to dress like one. Tell me what do you think!


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  1. You look so fabulous! Love this combination, it's really great!


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